What we love about Bolt is that they are a smart company operating in a tightly defined niche where incumbents are nascent but the opportunity to become a leader is vast.

It is always difficult for me to write entries like this. Even reading about issues related to racism and injustice is often motivated more by a sense of social obligation to my creed rather than any semblance of a pleasurable pursuit. But I also believe that renaissance can follow tragedy.

Tessera Venture Partners is excited to announce its inaugural investment from Fund II in Carta and adding another unicorn to its stable. Carta, the leading platform for equity management, has received investment from the world’s leading investors like Tribe Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Menlo Ventures, Tiger Global Management…

Xavier Segura

An ivy league techie who launched Tessera Venture Partners to help fund diverse startups by applying the secrets big tech looks for in successful acquisitions.

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